In the new pre-release version of AL Language, there is a new “IS” operator, ready to be used, but for now very limited.

💡 For now it’s targeted use, to use operator “IS” only for Interfaces.

The is-operator is used to create an expression. It returns a Boolean result of true or false. This is compatible with the if-statement, which requires a Boolean context.

Let’s try out something like this:

Now, upon opening Customer Card page:

Microsoft has confirmed that “IS” operator is coming for Interfaces but it’s also possible to expect in future to be expanded soon like this:

💡 For now Database:: is being used but it’s being discussed to add Table:: at some point in future.

While its initial functionality may be restricted, the “IS” operator opens up new possibilities for more expressive and readable code in AL, enhancing the language’s ability to handle conditional logic efficiently.

What do you think about this new operator?

Stay tuned for more information! 🚀

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